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Re: Is it possible to parent your children without lying to them? Do you try?

I wouldn't tell them anything they can't handle. Depending on how they asked would be how I responded. My son plays "killing" and "bad guys", so it's come up in his mind, he knows those things happen. I assume the nature of the evil in the world becomes personal for everyone in different ways at different times, and if that were the time for my kids I wouldn't try to turn it into something it wasn't, although I would put it in the softest terms. If they heard some one say "sexual abuse" and asked me what that meant, I would tell them that we have parts that no one is supposed to touch except in certain situations. When someone touchs us in a situation that's not ok it's called sexual abuse. They'd learn a lot, but if a neighbor child had been sexually abused and killed I think a conversation about protecting ourselves, and good and bad touch, and being aware of bad guys would be called for.

If it's someone they don't know well though and wouldn't ask where they went then I might not say anything about it. But if asked I would try to be honest in ways they understand and arent too hard for them to deal with.
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