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Re: The power of Santa...

Originally Posted by megenic View Post
Hahah...I fully use the power of Santa! We have Elf on the Shelf an he comes out in November. That gives me almost two months of good behavior because all I have to do is say the elf is watching. LOL.

I think parents who say they never lie to their kids are either lying themselves or in denial. I tell outrageous lies to my kids all the time and it makes them laugh. I enjoy a silly, fun home environment so it's very common for me to tell a kid that if they don't stop misbehaving a turnip is going to sprout from their nose. If that means they will need therapy in late life, oh least they'll have a good sense of humor.
But that's a joke. Very different from a lie. I joke with my kids about ridiculous things. You can be truthful and still have a sense of humor

eta~ I think the only reason that would be funny is because a turnip would never grow there.... a kid knows this. If they didn't they would react by being thoughtful "hmm I didn't realize that could happen".

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