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Re: Is it possible to parent your children without lying to them? Do you try?

milosmama~ everything you said is pretty much how I look at it too. Also, my son's name is also Milo. We must just think alike

Originally Posted by vatblack View Post
Yes, and as a teacher I lied like that all the time too. For example, you would teach that a sentence is always subject + verb + object, only to tell them the next year it is subject + predicate. Then, even later on... etc. It is necessary to edit information to what children can understand. If you don't they do not take it in.

ETA: And I totally lie about the Easter Bunny, Santa, tooth fairy... etc.
Well that example I don't really consider lying. One teacher tells yo uone thing in grade 4 and you learn something on top of that in grade 5. Two different people, in a "strategy" effort to teach writting.

But the "edit information" part. I get editing, and adding to, and what not. But with things that children are naturally curious about and asking questions, if the answer they get is not truthful, and they build their understanding of the world around what they were told, then doesn't that uproot their security in their ability to understanding life when they find out that was just a childish, dream world way of looking at it?
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