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Re: The power of Santa...

Originally Posted by megenic View Post
So you never lie to to your kids, ever? What about to protect them from information that isn't age appropriate? Or about something they don't need to know about? I'm all for being honest and truthful but I also believe that some things are for grown ups and are of no concern of children. Like my DH is in Afghanistan right now. I lie daily to my kids, who are 4 and 2 about this. Yes they know he is in the desert "helping people" but am I going to tell them the truth about what is happening there? Nope, not at their age. When they are older, sure. Lying or omitting information to protect children is not a bad thing, in my opinion. They are only small for a short while so you had better believe I am going to do my damnedest to give them a magical, innocent life for as long as I can. If I need to tell some harmless lies along the way, then I will do it.
I started a thread on this. "Is it possible to parent your kids without lying"

But I'll say here that I do think it's possible to be truthful without sharing every bit of information you have on a topic. There's discression involved of course, but I do think it's possible.
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