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Re: The power of Santa...

Originally Posted by megenic View Post
Really? Both my kids are fully aware of what he does for work and where he is. The 2.5 year old constantly asks why daddy is in Afghanistan and why he has to be there. The 4.5 year old knows even more. We live in an army town. Everyone's fathers are gone. They talk about it in school. It's a huge part of our lives so I would be more shocked if a 2.5 year old kid wasn't curious and asking questions. All mine does is ask questions. She also is always with me, so when I am talking to other adults and they ask questions, you can bet she's soaking it all up. If your husband was gone for 8 months your 2 year old wouldn't be asking questions?
honestly if my DH was gone for 8 months im pretty sure DD would forget who he even was. i must have very unsophisticated children, even my 7 year old has never asked me what i do for work lol

in your case i dont know why you have to lie though. he's overseas doing a job and that's what i would tell the kids. IMO omitting something isnt lying
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