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Originally Posted by crunch!910

Whether or not you respect me for my stance on a human rights issue bothers me very little. If female genital mutilation is illegal and looked down upon, I believe baby boys deserve the same protection under the law. And yes, they absolutely are comparable. There are many forms of FGM, some more severe than routine infant male circumcision, some less severe, but nevertheless, ALL forms of FGM are illegal, and likewise I believe all forms of MGM should be. I feel very passionately on it not because I think it is a parenting issue, but because it is NOT a parenting issue at all.

It is a very complex issue, and it stirs up very real, raw, powerful emotions in me, not because of "mommy wars" or an intent to put myself on a pedestal above other mothers. Not at all. My ultimate goal is to educate and save baby boys, where doctors, nurses, and country/laws have failed to protect them. I might have my own private thoughts in moments of passion that drive me to anger, but that does not reflect on how I treat others. It is possible to separate flares of emotion from rational thought and the choice of how you want to present information in the best possible method of educating others. It is not all rainbows and butterflies, I have gotten stern with people that were in blatant denial (claiming it was not painful, during or after- that's even worse than the "they won't remember it" argument), but to this day I can honestly say that I have never overstepped and been rude to anyone in my personal life - on facebook or in person. And especially if simply by presenting information I'm met with instant defensiveness, I have compassion for those parents, because I have experienced it. Not only did I struggle with challenging the society norm, but I even circed my oldest boy. I have one acquaintance who despite my efforts she circed her oldest boy. Botched circ. I had my own feelings of anger towards her, as well as a loss of respect. I knew expressing that wouldn't help my case, or her mutliated/botched son, so left it alone. She later came back to me asking for information and has since left her newest born son intact. Ask her what she thinks of me, and it certainly wouldn't be a lack of respect for being the judgmental person you are assuming I am. Yes, I said it is difficult to be friends with people that mutilate their children. Yes, it IS. I did not say impossible, nor did I say that I do not try. It poses a difference in morals and ethics. It is a constant effort to keep my emotions in check and to love and show compassion for someone who I believe committed a violent crime upon their child.

How someone speaks to other people that share the same passion/cause is not directly indicative of how they speak to people outside that cause in efforts to educate.
Well said!
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