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Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes

honestly if my DH was gone for 8 months im pretty sure DD would forget who he even was. i must have very unsophisticated children, even my 7 year old has never asked me what i do for work lol

in your case i dont know why you have to lie though. he's overseas doing a job and that's what i would tell the kids. IMO omitting something isnt lying
Ahhhh, okay. This is where semantics come in. I omit a the time and do not consider it lying. Many people do believe in the "lie by omission ." this is what I'm saying with the age appropriate stuff. I don't outright lie about important things but omit to make it age appropriate. Of course my kids don't know the gritty details of DHs job but I was under the impression that this omitting info to keep it at their level was considered lying :-)
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