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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help. Update #29

I apologize for misunderstanding. You had a couple of posts in this thread and the previous one about returning unused oral narcotics and having had lots of oral narcotics and taking vicodan several times recently. I misunderstood and thought that you had multiple bottles of narcotics at home.

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Honestly if your pain is that bad I would INSIST on finding a new urologist that WILL treat you now. You have to be your own advocate here. Don't take no for an answer, find someone that will treat you. Even if you have to drive the net city or two over it would be worth it. Start calling all the urologists in your area and ask if they would treat a pregnant woman with visible stones on radiologic tests? Don't even bother going into one that says no.

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I agree with this. I would also consider talking to your OB about referral to a perinatolgist. A perinatologist should be better positioned to help with your pain and likely has better contacts with other specialists who work with pregnant women.

When I came back to check this thread, I missed it and wound up doing a search. In that search I clicked on one of your threads from a couple of months ago. I saw that you wanted a PICC line to make it easier to get meds and to rehydrate. I wanted to mention that if you are asking your urologist or the ER docs for a PICC line, they may find that suspicious. A PICC won't generally remain in place the remainder of your pregnancy and it would be unusual to put in a PICC for intermitent pain medication or to rehydrate an otherwise healthy young woman.
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