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Re: When to Nap & Night Train w/ 3 Day Method?

Originally Posted by QTKT View Post
When we started potty training we started nap training within a week of beginning day training. I waited at least a few days for my son to get take it all in. He did great and didn't have many nap accidents (he was about 2 years and 4 months, I believe) I did not start night training though until he started waking up in the morning dry fairly consistently. He was reliable during the day and during naps for several months (like 6!) before I considered night training. It was a full year after beginning day training before he was reliable at night time. I think part of it may depend on the child's age. For example, if you start day training at 2 years the night training may take longer than if you didn't begin day training until age 3. I hope that helps!
Thank you so much! We didn't start day training until this w/e, so a little over 2.5 yrs old. Did he get the nap thing right away? We send her to day care part time, so maybe after she uses dipes at daycare this week for her nap, we'll try nap training next w/e. At bed tonight, she didn't want a dipe but we kinda persuaded her to wear one tonight, but to let us know if she needs to go potty and we can bring her. I kinda think she was ready for the 3 day thing months ago, but I just didn't get my act together until now, so I'm hoping you're right and the nap and night thing will come before too long. Thanks again! I couldn't find this answer anywhere; it's like they say dipes are ok for nap and night but then never tell you when to teach that part of it.
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