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Originally Posted by nursenmom View Post
This is pretty judgemental. I don't know the circumstances, nor am I sure if I would do it, but just because you don't agree doesn't mean you should accuse this mom that something is "seriously wrong" with her. There is no reason to think that the child isn't completely safe in a buckled car seat and the doors open so she could hear her. I don't really see a difference than being in a crib (assuming it's climate controlled and within ear shot,) and I imagine she is doing what she thinks is best.
I agree. We don't have all the details about the garage (heat/ac, ventilation, etc) so it is hard to judge. My garage is climate controlled and if you leave the door from the garage into the house open you can clearly see our car from the kitchen. So, it is like they are just in a different room of the house imo. My only concern would be that she turned the car off and let it air out first before shutting the big garage door so that all that nasty car crap gets out first. I personally wouldn't do it because my kids sleep better in their beds, but I wouldn't think twice if someone with a home similar to mine did it.
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