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Re: Next step?

So this seems opposite of pp and every kid is completely different, but we just tried the 3 day method (we're giving it 5 days, though). Today was day 3 and I only wish I tried it sooner. The first 2 days were very emotionally taxing, but once my kid got it, there were no more diaper change fights and she went from hating using the potty to going by herself and being really proud of herself. Maybe it's just b/c my kid was probably ready for potty training months ago and I was just unorganized, but it worked for us. It's difficult, but if you can somehow find the time (this is just impossible for many people given their schedule), it's a great way to focus on your kid and encourage them to use the potty in a non-threatening way. I pressured my daughter once on the morning of day one and learned my lesson right away. Good luck with whatever works for your LO.

As for the carpet thing, I'd try putting cheap, Gerber cotton training pants (basically thick undies) under his training pants. The mess will be contained, but he should have an easier time feeling the wetness.
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