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Re: Bigger kids in harnessed seats..

Originally Posted by amcess721 View Post
DD just turned 5. She's 42.5" and 42.5#. She is harnessed in 3 different seats depending on where she's sitting currently. We'll be getting her a radian when her britax marathon expires in the spring. She's recently been getting picked on by the kids at daycare of "why is laura still in a baby seat". For now, she gets embarassed by it, but I'm working on getting her to respond with the "my seat keeps me safe" comments. It doesn't help that now that she rides the bus to school, she gets to sit not buckled into ANYTHING. I still can't understand how THAT is legal by any means
I work as a bus monitor so I thought I would respond to this because it's a concern a lot of parents express to me. If every child on a bus was harnessed or in a seatbelt and the bus were in a wreck, and the children couldn't get themselves out of the restraints, and the bus was no longer safe to be in (explosions, if it were in water, etc.) then the bus driver and/or bus monitor wouldn't be able to get them all off the bus in time and kids could die because of it. For that reason it is safer for most children to not be harnessed or in a seatbelt on the bus. However in my county a parent can give the bus driver permission to put their child in a restraint everyday (K-1 can be put in a harness if the bus already has headstarters and a monitor, but any grade can go in a seatbelt) so if you want something like that for your child you should contact the local school and board and ask about their policies. I'm not sure if every county allows for children to be in harnesses like mine but you should be able to arrange a seatbelt for your daughter.
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