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Re: My nursling is 3!

Originally Posted by sarahonline View Post
Ok sorry but i have to ask.........why extend the nursing that length of time? Not judging simply asking as i do not understand We stopped nursing at 22 months and people here thought i went way long plus she had teeth and started clamping on and trying to take her meal to go OUCH!!!!!
For us, it's a nice way to connect and snuggle as part of our bedtime and rest time routine. Sure, there are other ways to do it, but it's the deepest "groove" in her memory of comfort, and it doesn't cause me any difficulty or strain. In fact, it's easier to nurse her because I can lie down and close my eyes, too! Plus, it's good for the child and good for the mother--significantly reducing risk of breast cancer in mothers and daughters, increasing antibodies in the toddler, and all that good stuff.
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