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Re: Fluff w disposable wipes

I was surprised at how obnoxious I found disposable wipes to be when we started cding our newbie. Having to throw away poop covered wipes in the garbage just to sit until we took the trash out was gross. Flushing them is a no no. And not all wipes brands will hold up to accidentally being tossed in the wash (aka you end up with clean diaper laundry covered in wipe lint). We are finishing up our container of disposable wipes and switching to cloth wipes full time. I actually prefer cloth wipes in the diaper bag and have a mini spray bottle to wet them with. With disposables in the bag, I either have to find a trash can to put them in (don't always change LO next to a trash) or I put it in the wet bag and have to hope I remember to take it out. Plus, with cloth I can wet one with my spray bottle to clean and use a second dry one to dry off DD to avoid diaper rash. My mom made all of ours with clearance flannel and her serger. I have around 60 and the total cost was around $10 for fabric.
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