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Originally Posted by mom1mg

Would you mind sharing some details? It is totally ok if you don't want to but I am curious what a well-check caught that you had missed.
I will try to make it short... DS seemed to struggle with breathing when he was tiny. We had actually been told by a stand-in rent-a-doc that he had newborn congestion (he was a winter baby) so we just ran a humidifier and hoped it would go away. I wondered if there was more to it, but I just did what they suggested (DD was healthy, no doc visits really, so this was new to me). About 2 weeks later we went in for a regular well check, the pediatrician listened to his chest and said something wasn't right. She sent him to a specialist who did a CT scan and found that DS had a rare aortic abnormality that was basically pinching his airway (and esophagus) shut. He had major heart surgery that week (at 2mos old) to fix it but they told me we were very lucky he hadn't accidently choked/suffocated.

I know this is a pretty unusual circumstance, and I can't say I wouldn't have eventually forced the issue when we didn't see improvement. But literally each time we fed him or put him to bed we unknowingly put him at risk and I am thankful for that well visit for catching it before something very bad happened. I can understand the reasons for not going to well visits, but I am glad to have a pediatrician I can trust enough to keep tabs on my kids.
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