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Re: What do you think of moms who...

Originally Posted by mebl0901 View Post

I don't get this attitude of needing a paper trail or a rapport in case something happens. What exactly is the meaning of this? In case the kid gets sick and needs to be seen? I get that, so just establish yourself with a PCP. Or are we talking in case you get turned in to DHS for some reason?
For some people, it does come down to a paper trail for DHS situations (or within a divorce or something, that turns nasty). Especially for non-vax families that are in a hostile area for non-vax (like say, MS or WV). Even if you homeschool to get around it, you can be turned in. :/ I live in MS right now (moving in TWO WEEKS! HECK YES!) and it really is a reality. That said - I *still* am not doing well visits here for the reasons I stated earlier in the thread.

I am going to try to find a great doc in ND when we get there. We had a great one in FL when my son was a newborn. I will only go to an amazing doctor, not going to put up with one who wants to fight with me.

ETA: But we do have a relationship with an NP here. She is great and sees both of us in one visit. Once, I took DS (the only time he has ever been sick) and she saw me too. Then when I had my gallbladder out and I went to her for the diagnosis/referral, she weighed my DS b/c I brought him with.
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