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Doula for adoptive/surrogate parents?

I'm doing doula training and met a gal in class who is carrying a baby for an adoptive couple. The embryo was donated, and an agency introduced/matched them all together.

I enjoyed talking with this surrogate mom and hearing about how she was processing the upcoming delivery and having the parents present. It got me thinking about the possibility of serving families like this as a doula and wondered if I might get insight here as I explore that possibility.

I have a close friend (also a doula) and could see us working well as a team to offer support for the birthing woman and to the adoptive parents during the delivery and postpartum adjustment period. One of us would focus on the birthing woman, and the other on helping the adoptive parents be involved and connected and supported during the emotional and powerful experience of seeing their child born and receiving that child for the first time.

Have any of you worked with a surrogate or adoption in this way? I'd be grateful to hear what your experiences of the delivery were like and what sort of support you either received - or would have liked to receive - during the delivery and postpartum.
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