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I bought the wrong size on a deal site :(

A few weeks ago zulily had a deal on Tea Collection clothes. As soon as I saw them I started to drool. But all of the clothes were summer. I didn't think that I could predict my kiddos size. So I closed the browser an walked away.

But it kept calling to me! They even sent me a email because I had put things in my cart but not bought. Eventually I caved and bought 4 dresses in what I thought would be her size next summer.

Well, I made an error or they made an error. I bought 'small' but really I should have bought 'medium'. They never said a months size on the site and somehow I read the chart wrong. The dresses got here yesterday and they are so pretty. The label inside says 6-12 months! She wears 3-6 now. The weight is 15-22 pounds and she is 12lbs now. At best they might fit her in early spring but never this summer.

I feel like an idiot. I knew this would happen and I did it anyway So what should I do? Layer them over long sleeve onesies and baby legs? Or keep them new with tags and try to resell in the spring and summer?

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