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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Originally Posted by Happy Mommax4 View Post
Wow Sarah! You're one busy Momma!! That's a steal for your new toy!!

Yes we have drainage issues here as well but only in our back yard. That doesn't affect the girls. I'm going out soon for our big clean out and worming and assessment of everyone! I've gotta get the hubs to assist.

I couldn't find the ivermectin that was recommended, ill have to try and order it online I guess, oh btw love the chicky cape!
This is it sweetie. I paid $18 at the feed store and it will last years! Just .5 cc/nl-1cc/ml does it. It covers what wazine doesn't. The combined with give complete protection if you are unsure of the exact issue. that's why I had to purchase both. Now we do both on any newly introduced girls too.

I wouldn't waste money ordering, save and hit up somelocal feed stores. It's marked for cattle.

I fixed the drainage issue today. Dug a trench around the coop/run and it will now flow around the girls and down the hill. We also built up the dirt around the fenceing. Got most of the winterization done to the coop today. Boy that was one He!! of a job. Also put in 3 more nest boxes. Can't wait to get the mulch and stop fooling with this hay!
Bout froze to death out there in the wind doing all of it!
Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Sarah I haven't bought anything yet. I went and read some more on different wormers and to be honest my head is spinning a bit now. Peeps on BYC contradict what is specifically says on labels regarding what each wormer will kill and many are suggesting using Wazine and then a broad spectrum after. I'm just not feeling good about that. Plus that could get ridiculously expensive. The frontline was about a month ago now I think? But it's systemic, it stays in their oil glands for 3-4mos. I would have never thought of the pump bottle for cleaner, that's a great idea!
Liz, I had such an issue with the girls being so sick, no idea what it was, I had to do both, I got the wazine and the iver. the iver was $18-will last forever, and the wazine was $5. There is so much, I shouldn't have to buy anything elese for a very long time. remember they were showing signs of gape worm plus tons of diarrhea and so much blood. I followed with the electrolytes and probiotics, after the corid. Whatever it was makeing them so sick, was cured. I had no choice. They were really scareing me! I didn't do it all at once. I gave them time to rebound. it was worth it for us to see them all pull through. You really can't cover all the nasties with one med. just like with people. Do you think they have something going on? Is that why you are wanting to medicate? I may have missed that, sorry?
That chicken cape is awesome! LOL! If you seriously think your hens might be cold, you could get them or make them aprons. I did make a couple for my picked on girls, they were super easy. I backed them with felt for stability but if you did a couple layers they would actually be really warm and keep their core heat in better. And I'm just as crazy apparently, I fully plan on making the girls warm mash on the coldest mornings.
That's what I was thinking. You know how you make a mini-horse blanket for dogs, I wanted to do my own pattern for some of the girls I was worried didn't have enough body fat, Ray would think I was nuts though. I'm really considering one for Tinker if she doesn't gain more.

Also, I love to see how happy they are with a wake up call of a big pan of buiscuit bread! I just stir up some self-riseing flour/water and make. then crumble and serve. makes their day!
Oh sarah, you're crazy but I love ya! LOL The shucker sounds neat I'd love to see pics! How fun that you are getting a goat, I bet Caden is beside himself. I'd love to have a mini jersey cow. It's going to take a lot of convincing dh though. He'd like to have a goat instead.
I got a before pic! I have to take the after pic.

Oh, I also got a super old thick glass urinal from a hospital! I was the only one who knew what it was. It's even market for measureing! Also a pic of my decoration out front. I adore fall/harvest!

And check out my upcycle for our old boxspring! I got a huge roll of material and foam from the top. A giant thick piece of cardboard to use on the walls of the coop for insulation, and the wooden frame will be for either cuces or g-beans! I even have the foam from the area around the bed to upcycle. I got just tons of material out of this thing! William had his chainsaw out to help! And i still have to get the material off the bottom. it'll me great for padding sewing projects like dog coats, quilts, purses, anything that needs batting. I'm so excited! And check out my turbin punkin in the basket, I'll have seeds I don't have to buy next year!!!!!!

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