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Re: The power of Santa...

I don't use white lies to my parental advantage. Personally *I* would have several issues with it. For one, Santa is a lie, and I don't like lying. For another, what if the kid continues to misbehave after the threat? Would you REALLY not get her any presents? I don't like to put myself in that kind of position. If I make a threat, I am going to follow through. It's pretty harsh to not get your kid any gifts. So I wouldn't threaten it. For another thing, what do you do starting Dec. 26? Threaten next years Christmas? I would rather work on the misbehavior now and have it worked out by then. Threaten Santa doesn't really "fix" anything, it's more like a bandaid effect. You'll still have to deal with it later. I would rather deal now and get it over with. And I had never thought of it like pp did, about being the one in authority, but that's kind of true too.

I do think we all have to decide what works for us and do the best we can. So you do whatever works for you, and you'll get no judgement from me. But it's not something I would do.
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