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Re: positive opk after ovulation?

Originally Posted by NOTWMommy View Post

That is super helpful. Mine are usually positive for at least 3 days and I was staring to second guess when I was ovulating. So just because the opk is still positive does NOT mean that you haven't yet ovulated, correct?
Correct. Your body has a "surge" of LH around the middle of your cycle. The OPK's register positive when the LH is above a certain amount. The LH is telling your ovary to release the egg that the FSH has been causing it to grow. Once your LH reaches a high enough level to make the test positive, the ovary will USUALLY release an egg in about 24 hours. As the last poster said, the LH surge isn't a guarantee that you will ovulate, your ovary could ignore the message or there might not be a follicle (egg) ready to be released, etc. But most of the time, you do ovulate if you have an LH surge.

I'm a family nurse practitioner, but in 1 week I start my dream job working in a women's health clinic. I love this stuff. We TTC for 2 1/2 years before I finally got preggo with our first (I'm 29 weeks), so I understand the physiology of ovulation, conception, etc. pretty well. It's hard not to obsess and study this stuff when you work in healthcare and are TTC for so long.

The important thing is to enjoy the process (remember sex for fun??? LOL) and to get some real treatment from a real fertility specialist if you've been trying more than 1 year (under age 35) or for six months if you are over 35.

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