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Re: Is it possible to parent your children without lying to them? Do you try?

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
Recently a young girl was snatched while walking home from school. A lady and her boyfriend hurt her terribly and killed her in horrific circumstances. The missing child case, the discovery and the trial were all over the news for a long time. Again, I protected my children from it, and I gave answers as I saw fit. One day, DD and I were alone in the car and the news report gave an update on a filed appeal regarding the case. She asked me about it, and I recapped what we had spoken about already. She asked me more. I answered her, within certain parameters. She asked me, "HOW did they hurt the little girl, Mummy? What did they do to her?" We talked about bad touch, again, etc... and I talked about how they hurt her so much that she died. "But HOW? What exactly did they do to her?" No, I am sorry, I am not telling my then 8 yo that someone could hurt a little girl like that so I lied. I said I was not sure exactly what they did to her. Not just omission, outright lie, because she does not need to KNOW the intimate details.
DD, age 8 also, and I recently had almost the identical conversation about the same little girl. My dd got a similar answer.

I omit information all the time. Sex and death frankly are easy topics. I have a harder time with homelessness, poverty, why daddy is 'forgetful' about everything (there is a reason and it's not one I'm yet ready to tell her).

And I outright lie about Santa. No guilt at all about that one.
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