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My 18 year old cousin met a pastor while she was visiting her brother this summer. She struck up an online friendship with the pastor's son (from a few states away). A couple of days ago, she told me she's coming up here (he's stationed at a base about 20 miles from my house) to meet him in a couple of weeks. He's paying to fly her up, because he's deploying next month and want to meet her before he leaves. He lives in a house with four other young, enlisted guys. She planning to stay at his house with him and his roommates.

Everything about this is sending up warning flags to me. I know, chances are, he's totally just fine, but it just makes me nervous. Growing up in a military area, I distinctly remember the skeezy military guys chasing younger girls. She's never met him in person and planning to spend 5 days in his house. She won't have a car here if she feels the need to leave,etc. They've only "known" each other about 2 months.

I'd really like her to consider staying at my house at least the first night, until she can meet him in person. I even offered to drive her to his house the day after she arrives. I've already stated my piece. I should just shut up, but I'm really hoping she reconsiders. What would you say to her? Anything?
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