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Originally Posted by lensesforeyes

I think it is unfair to generalize it and say they don't save money. While that may be true for some, it certainly is not true for us. Our water rarely goes over the minimum, and we are a family of soon to be seven with one in diapers full time and two at night. Even when we had three in diapers, our water bill did not go up. I do buy the bum genius soap, but that costs me less than $10 a month. I also do not dry my diapers, even in winter. Even if I did, I do not believe it would cost $30+ a month, and disposables would be at least $40 every month (we've used disposables in the past, we ALWAYS had leaks with cheap ones, and the Costco brand are $40 a box here). So, I pay really less than 1/4 the cost I would with disposables (that would only be for the one in them full time, every other month or so I'm sure I'd be buying a different size for nighttime on the other two kids). Come December we will have two in cloth full time again, and will wash just as often, so we will then be paying less than 1/8 the cost. $10 for special soap verses $80 for diapers.

Oh, and because I have spent, all together, less than $500 on my diapers, and have every thing the newbie will need birth-potty training, my cloth paid for itself a LONG time ago (been using the diapers almost four years). :thumpsup:
I think you're right about there being variables that impact the cost effectiveness of it.

I've tried pretty much everything there is to try (except for fitteds and wool... Please don't get me started... My DH will just die) and finally realized that flats and PUL covers are my favorite.

I wish I would have stayed with that instead of selling off all 2 dozen of my GMD flats. :-p
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