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Re: What the heck just happened to me?

Originally Posted by Scarlett's mommy View Post
yup sounds like gallbladder to me. i just had mine removed in febuary. the pain is horrific. the first time it happened i thought i was going to die. it lasted for about an hour. i would go get checked out. i let mine go for several attacks and when i finally did go i had to go to the er in the middle of the night because i had an attack that lasted for several hours. i had to stay in the hospital for six days because it had become inflamed and infected and i had to be on iv antibiotics before they would remove it.
This is pretty much what happened to me too. By the time I went to the ER (about 7 months pregnant with DD1) because an "attack" didn't go away after half an hour or so like the previous few had, I had an overwhelming infection, my liver was failing, and DD and I were in serious danger. I was hospitalized for much of the next month on IV antibiotics trying to keep DD in for another month, as the pain and illness was making me go into preterm labor. I was induced at 36 weeks then, as they couldn't wait any longer to take out my gallbladder. I gave birth to DD (a very, very traumatic experience- we both almost didn't make it), then about 12 hours later I had the cholecystectomy. I shudder remembering the pain and recovery from all of that...

Anyway, case in point- gallbladder issues are nothing to mess around with. I'd definitely get it checked out mama. I ignored a couple/few attacks thinking it must not be anything serious as the pain went away after a while and it almost killed me and my DD in the end. BTW, I agree that the pain is MUCH worse than labor!
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