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Re: When did your morning sickness start

Originally Posted by Lisathena View Post
I have 4 kids and never had it. I am cautiously expecting twins and got it 1 week past ovulation. It went away and came back at 6 weeks. Its been horrible. They think twin b wont make it ...called it a vanishing twin, but I have hope still as I still feel like crap LOL
My son (first pregnancy) had a vanishing twin; we never saw a baby on the ultrasound, but the empty sac was there Morning sickness started in the 6th week with him. Morning sickness with my current pregnancy started in the 6th week also and it seemed to be more severe this time. It ended right around week 13-14 and we found out 2 weeks ago that we're having a girl this time I didn't have any early ultrasounds with this pregnancy so we don't know if we had another vanishing twin this time. Around 15 weeks my belly popped big time so I was convinced that we were having twins this time, but it hasn't grown much since then and it was confirmed that we're only having one. We couldn't be more excited for a girl, though
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