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I got 2 flip covers in aplix (bubble and blossom). I only have flips in snaps right now so 2 aplix will be good for when she is between sizes or for daddy. I also got 2 4.0s, one in dazzle and the other in twilight.

I am obsessed with dazzle and bubble. If they had a 4.0 in bubble I would have grabbed it instead of the twilight. I already have 2 freetimes in dazzle (one snap, one aplix) and one flip in bubble. Does anyone know if they make the 4.0 in bubble? I've never seen it. I would love to get a flip in dazzle but I don't think that they make that either.

And today I realized that my bathroom color is bubble. And I painted it before I was even pregnant with my little girl. Very funny.

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