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I guess nothing works forever

I have been so stash content for the past 9 months. I have been using Thirsties Duo hemp prefolds trifolded into Flips, and I thought I would never have to buy another diaper again.


DD is 13 months now, and oh SO very mobile. Apparently the Thirsties is bunching inside the Flip and when she pees, it all runs out the sides. I have the legs tight enough with no gaping, but the pee is hitting the PUL not the hemp. I guess its because Flips are so dang wide.

She has been walking since 10 months, but we just started having this problem this month, I suppose because the full on running and climbing has started.

I am back to using pinned prefolds, which is not my ideal system for my impatient toddler and our busy lifestyle. I suppose I am going to restash my pockets, since the 5 pockets I have now (all different brands) work great stuffed with the Thirsties duos and no peeing out the sides.

I just wanted to lament somewhere people would get it. I had such a good, long run of being stash content - with a very minimalist, inexpensive stash at that!
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