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Re: Is it possible to parent your children without lying to them? Do you try?

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
i dont think omitting is lying. information is given out on a need to know basis. i dont go around telling everyone when it's my time of the month. im not lying to them, it's just not something they need to know.
I don't think we are talking about randomly announcing personal details, as entertaining as that would be. Answering a direct question honestly is determined by who's asking it IMO. In that circumstance, if my doctor/girl friend/sister/mom/husband etc. asked me if I was on my period, I would be completely comfortable sharing the truth. Some random stranger or co-worker asking? I would say, "Wow, personal, why do you need to know this...?"

I know answering questions about life are going to be far more real and honest when I'm talking to my 18 yr old son, than when I am talking to my 5 yr old son. Fact of life, I'm not going to give an 18 yr old the sex = puzzle pieces , but I'm perfectly willing to use it for my 5 yr old, even though I feel it is slightly misleading, because in 3 yrs I'm going to be giving him a very real and honest sex talk.
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