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I think you should increase her frequency to get her more practice, and to be sure that weight gain is good. 1.5-2 ounces per two hours is pretty standard.

Most babies consume 1 ounce per hour, on average, so use that as your gauge. That does not increase with age.

Check milk calculator.

Babies younger than 4 weeks often don't take the entire ounce. Small tiny tummy and the practice needed. So trying frequently (at least 12x a day) ensures she gets the practice needed

Babies also 'shut down' to where you think they are sleeping. But they aren't. Who could sleep thru ice cold washcloths or firm back rubbing? They aren't sleeping. They are blocking you out because you have over stimulated them. So while you try to wake, go about it gently and have patience. My oldest shut down a lot, my youngest, didn't. So it's based on the baby. There used to be an awesome video on it on the web but I can't find it while she is eating, keep raising her arms and kissing fingers, ect to try to keep her awake. The arm raise is often a good trick.

GL mmomma! That first two weeks is usually slumber time! Most babies act like they are almost drugged. Probably intensely over stimulating after being in the womb. Her next weigh in will tell you soooo much more!!! If she is right on target, you can relax if she's not where she should be, then readjust.
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