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Re: This made me cry first and then made me get out my camera.

To those who feel too ugly to be in a photo..... to your child you are amazing and beautiful. They absolutely LOVE you and think you are a movie star. Even if you won't do it for yourself, do it for them.

I am more tempted recently to critique myself. I KNOW I've gained weight. I believe that most pictures of me are not good ones. A good one would be if I lost 25 lbs. lol! However, I feel like I can smile and love the people around me and that almost makes up for the chubby face and terrible side shot angle of me and my chubby arms and rear end.

I always wish my family took more pictures.

I've never seen a photo that included all of us kids from my family in one shot. That is my goal someday to get us all together. We almost got all the grand kids in one shot but one of the kids refused and his mom didn't make him do it.....I really thought she should have made him get in even if he was crying. Come on now, ONE picture. That's it. kwim? (he was like 6 at the time btw)
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