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Re: Frustrated with DH

I do all house work here. Its an agreement between us. He pays for everything. I clean. What I don't like is him treating me like a maid. Finished with a soda can. Take it to the kitchen and throw it in recycling. Finished with a glass. Leave it where it is and I deal with it.

Its weird that a can and a glass are different to me, but they are. One is trash the other is cleaning.

I don't appreciate shoes left in the lounge. That is lazy. I don't do clothes left on the floor, that is disrespectful. So the long and short for me is, I have a job to do in this house. Its not an easy job. Don't come home and make it more difficult for me. I don't go into your office and trash it. Don't come into mine and trash it.

Day to day use of the house I will clean with a smile. Any more then that, I feel disrespected.
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