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Re: Frustrated with DH

I don't do my DH's laundry anymore, he's responsible for his own. I got ticked off after having gum or chapstick ruin my clothes one too many times. We got into an argument because he thought that I should be checking his pockets before throwing his clothes in the wash. Seriously? Even the kids know to take all their loot out of their pockets before throwing it in the hamper. Since then he's washed and effectively destroyed two cell phones, but has no one to blame but himself.

He's also the "dishwasher" in our house. He used to dirty almost every single cup and plate in our house on a daily basis (and we don't have an automatic dishwasher) so I stopped washing dishes for a couple days (the kids and I used paper products) and he finally had to wash them himself in order to have glassware to take his lunch to work. Since then he's taken on the dish responsibility completely. I absolutely hate washing dishes, so we've compromised. He does the dishes, yard work/snow shoveling, and his own laundry, and I do everything else around the house. It actually works out pretty well, because there are some things I really wouldn't want him doing.
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