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Warning: This contains dangerously cute pictures of knit and crocheted woolies. PEEK!

I can make longies appliqued and/or embroidered with any theme you can draw or imagine. I add short rows in the bum (unless you request otherwise) and crochet to the dimensions provided to me, so if you would like me to make them a little big to give your LO room to grow, please factor that into the measurements you provide me. I can crochet anything and would love to make your crochet dreams into a reality. Without further adieu, here are the pics:

appliques can be sewn to your wooly item or can be made on buttons to be removable and interchangeable.


skirties can be made with or without a soaker underneath

with cargo pockets:


convertible capris:


matching sets:

crocheted halter:

earflap hat with pom-pom ears:

kerchief/head scarf:

ear flap hats

dalmatian hat:

beanie with spikes:

newsboy cap with and without flower buttons:

pom pom jester hat:

Knitted Pictures:

cabled longies:

Owlie cable longie set:

capris/board shorts:

Prices vary depending on size, type of yarn requested and any other options you might like including embroidery or appliqued designs, etc. All wearables will be custom crocheted to your supplied measurements and you will need to supply your LO's waist, rise, hips, and thigh measurements as well as the inseam if you are ordering longies, shorties or capris. For pricing purposes, I have determined these generic unstretched sizing guidelines. All measurements shown are the maximum measurements for that size. Should your LO fall between 2 sizes or have some measurements above and some below, I will use my discretion to determine which size best fits your child as far as pricing.

How to take measurements:

*Remember, all measurements should be taken while your LO is wearing a diaper. I suggest taking measurements while your LO is wearing the bulkiest diaper that you would like the longies to fit over.*

Waist - Measure around your LO's waist where you would like the top of the longies to be.
Rise - Measure from the top of the waist in the front, over the crotch, to the top of the waist in the back.
Thigh - Measure around the top of the thigh (or the largest part you can measure when your LO is wearing a diaper)
Inseam- Measure from the crotch to the length you would like the longies/shorties to be.

size waist rise thigh longie inseam
nb/preemie 14" 14" 7" 6"
small 16" 16" 9" 8"
medium 18" 18" 11" 9"
large 20" 20" 13" 10"

Prices are as follows for Paton's Classic Merino Wool yarn or Lion Brand yarn. I'll also use knitpicks wool of the andes or Cascade 220 if I have it available. If I have to order yarn, dye yarn for you, or you request specialty yarn, I will have to revise my prices accordingly.

Crocheted prices:
Soakers nb/preemie $25ppd small $30ppd medium $35ppd large $40ppd
shorties nb/preemie $30ppd small $35ppd medium $40ppd large $45ppd
capris nb/preemie $35ppd small $40ppd medium $45 ppd large $50ppd
longies/skirties nb/preemie $40ppd small $45ppd medium $50ppd large $55ppd
convertible capris nb/preemie $45ppd small $50ppd medium $55ppd large $60ppd
skirted longies nb/preemie $55ppd small $60ppd medium $65ppd large $70ppd

YYMH discounts
soakers nb and small $7 off med and large $10 off
shorties nb and small $10 off, med and large $13 off
capris nb and small $12 off, med and large $15 off
longies and skirties nb and small $15 off, med and large $18 off
convertible capris nb and small $17 off, med and large $20 off
skirted longies nb and small $20 off, med and large $23 off

Embroidery/embellishments are available and pricing of these will depend upon what you would like embroidered/embellished depending on the level of intricacy you would like the design to have and how long it takes to create the design; however, most designs or embellishments cost between $5 and $10. I also do ruffles, pompoms, drawstring embellishments, and anything else you can imagine crocheted.

Hats and tops can be made to match longies or can be purchased separately. Prices vary based on size and complexity.
Basic beanies $10 with purchase of longes, $15ppd when purchased alone.
Earflap hats or hats with small scarves attatched $15 with purchase of longies or $20ppd if purchased alone
Hats can be made with ears, spikes, horns, flowers, pom poms, and any other embellishments imaginable with $5-10 additional fees depending on the complexity of the additions.

I can use any yarn you would like but will have to revise my prices accordingly. Also, please keep in mind that if my local yarn store does not carry the yarn you request and the yarn store in my bedroom is out, I will have to order the yarn you request online and will ask for a nonrefundable deposit for the cost of the yarn (including shipping to me) up front. Please also understand that I will not be able to start your custom until I receive the yarn so that will add to turn around time.
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