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Going greener and cleaner? Get your crocheted sponges and soap holders here.

While watching Mythbusters a while back, I was disgusted to see the mythbusters confirm that the dirtiest item that we touch everyday is the sponge Not only does it have the most bacteria cultures grow from it, but they are the worst type of bacteria, worse than the remote, the keyboard, cell phones, shopping cart handles. . . (the relevant parts of this episode can be seenhere hereand here if you're interested in viewing this confirmation.)

Now, you can wash your sponges in the dishwasher as my MIL does, but when the dishwasher rinses, all that dirty water that ends up soaking into your sponge. Not much better IMO and certainly not something I'd want to use to clean with.

I've been making crocheted sponges for a while because I like the fact that you can toss them in the wash with your towels and wash them on hot and dry on hot and kill any nasties that might be on them and I prefer the 3 layer sponges, but I've decided to offer 3 different types of sponges. The first will be one layer with one side smoothe and the other side textured and it will be $2.50 per sponge or 3 for $7 (not including shipping). The second is my standard dual layer sponge that I've been making which is $5 each or 3 for $14 (not including shipping) and the third will be a premium 3 layer sponge that will be $7.50 each or 3 for $21 (not including shipping). I am happy to offer additional discounts on larger orders.

These are all crocheted from 100% cotton unless you request otherwise and are machine washable on hot, warm or cold settings and machine dryable.

Pics of 1, 2, and 3 layer sponges to show that they look the same, are just different thicknesses.

Pic of 1, 2, and 3 layer sponges side view in my hand to show different thicknesses. (3 layer sponge is in the middle and is approximately the same thickness as a store bought sponge, about 1/2" thick)

Pics of 3 layer sponges:

Standard sponges are approximately 3" x 4" and are made with 2 layers, roughly the size of the store bought sponges you buy, use for a while, then toss out. These can be tossed in the wash and washed with your wash cloths and towels. They are textured on one side to make scrubbing easier and smooth on the other side to make wiping up crumbs and messes easier. They can be made in any color or in white so that you can bleach them w/o fading their colors.

Scrubby sponge:

Super Scrubby sponge:

3 sponges together to show width:

Pot holders are made from 2 layers of crocheted cotton crocheted together with a hanging loop. They are made in 4", 5" and 6" squares and can also be made circular or in any other shape and can also be made with embellishments on them (skull and crossbones, flowers, chickens, whatever). . .

These washcloths are approximately 7" square and are textured for better scrubbing. I can knit or crochet them, depending on your preference. I can also custom make smaller or larger wash cloths/dishcloths upon request. Wash cloths are $7 each for the 7" square size.

I am also making face cleaning scrubbies. They are approximately 2.25" in diameter (the same size as the store bought astringent pads we used as teenagers) and are 3 for $1 not including shipping. They can be used in the place of cotton balls to apply the astringent to your face when washing your face or can be used to remove nail polish or really for anything you want to use them for. I can even make matching wash cloths if you're interested.

Soap Holders are approximately 4 1/2" x 4" with a 5" string used to hang up soap holder. I can also custom make smaller or larger soap holders upon request. These are perfect for storing soap in in the bathroom as well as washing yourself with with the soap inside. Soap holders are $7 each.

PM me or post with interest or questions regarding colors of cotton available as these are always changing. I am also willing to offer YYMH options and I am interested in selling or trading.
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