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Re: 1st Day Potty Training, How Am I Doing?

I don't know about the three day method, but I had a different alternative. My DD was 18 mos when I started her. It was not successful because I failed to be consistent. I was pregnant and tired. When she was about to turn two which was right around the time that I was gonna give birth, my husband and I came up with a strategy and agreed. For a whole week straight, we took her to use the restroom every 2-3 hr regardless if she had to pee/poo or not. We just wanted her to get the hang of going to use the restroom and to understand that that is where poo and pee goes. She comprehended that pee/poo means she needs to go although she uses the two words interchangeably. Couple days into potty training, she grasped the idea and actually started peeing and pooping into the toilet. Each time she went, we all applauded and told her how proud we were. We gave her treats, too. The second week around, she just picked up and was potty trained except for at night time. You really have to be persistent, and have her go even if she doesnt want to.
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