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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Ladies just want too say I'm cheering everyone on.

AFM; TTC for us is off for now until after my surgeries. AF has been very mean to me this month once again. I've been very crampy all day long plus heard my MIL is loosing blood from some where's so now they got to give her blood. Looks as this month is going to be a hard month already. My mother in the nursing home due to strokes, MIL broke her hip an now loosing blood and me getting ready for my surgeries. That a lot to deal with but with support from others an GOD I can do it.

I can not wait til get my surgeries over go see doctor this Thursday so I'm going to try an talk my doctor into doing the surgery next Tuesday or Thursday if will. I'm going to ask my doctor can he do it ASAP so I can start healing up n move on with TTC.

OK enough for now sorry for venting. I just hate sitting on the sidelines once again.

Congrats to the ones that got a BFP. May you have a HH9M.
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