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Re: KAL ~ Knit for the love of it! Sept 30 - Oct 6

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
A dutch oven full? It'll probably be 4-5 pints plus some held out for the kids to eat now. I need to go back down and get more apples though, the price was too good to pass up.
Oooh sounds delish. Totally OT, but the boys and I were eating some totally unhealthy "fruit" snacks cuz I needed some junk to make me pleasant...and it said "gluten free" in big bold letters. Thought of you

Originally Posted by MrsStripe View Post
Um, that's bad, but at least it is the other kid doing it this time. You'd have been really really mad had it been E
Originally Posted by danigrace05 View Post
Oh lawd that's funny. Bad, but funny. Did they have a secret meaning on how to make mommy loose her marbles?
Thanks ladies. If DH was home to share their mischeviousness...I would have laughed, but since I got the full brunt, momma was not smiling. Little stinkers. At least he appologized and said he still loved me even if I was mad. punk.

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post

Took 4 days but since I was in the hospital for 2 of them, I think I qualify for a little bit of a break. It is an adult size plus extra length because I wanted to use the full skein.
Love! Esp. my DH...but you already know that, lol.

AFM: Busy day...its midnight and I just got home and relaxed. We took the boys to a bmx dirt track to check out the kiddie races and my boys LOVED it! DH really wants to get them into a sport (since he always felt geeky and not coordinated beyond surfing). They boys love riding bikes, dirt and racing each other, so perfect fit. Hope we can check out a bike store Monday for a new strider bike for E and a big boy bmx bike for C....good thing their nana is chipping in.

Had my craft fair and it was meh. Sold a bunch but was irritated with my booth placement and a "friend" who took my actual slot since it was better than hers and she got there before me. On a good note, I met 3 ladies there who cloth diaper...which is huge as its more of an "underground" mommy thing here I sold some obv prefolds,wetbags, knit cardis, hair clips and clothing. I'm debating if I should open a WAHM thread here to unload the last of my goods before I hibernate.

Here are some shameless pictures

*** Wifey to my love and mommy to my two little men and my sweet baby girl ***

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