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Originally Posted by mama_to_DJM
Before reading through your posts, my answer was "only if they have jaundice". Reading that your DD does/did, I would still try waking her for feeds. I say this because my 2nd had jaundice as well, and it made him so sleepy that he wouldn't eat enough. In that situation, I feel that they don't know what's best (at least in my case), so we should still try feeding them as often as is reasonable. Good luck!
This was my answer as well. We were under Dr's orders to wake every three hours until the jaundice resolved, and then every four (at night) for a few weeks afterwards. After his six week appt when his bili levels etc checked out we were told we could let him sleep - and he did. For seven wonderful hours.

This early, though, I wouldn't feel comfortable not waking for a feed.
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