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So my DD is 9 weeks, and she is my second (of three) who has an allergy to dairy and soy. I'm suspecting there may be something else too. So naturally I eliminate dairy and soy, which means I don't eat really anything packaged, just fresh fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, stuff like that. I try and follow a strict paleo diet anyway so it's not that unusual for me.
Anytime I'm with my mom, and we're eating, it's nothing but comments like "really, even soybean oil in salad dressing will upset her?" etc, etc. Her, and so many people can't believe I'd be willing to keep breastfeeding with such a "restricted" diet. I get so many comments on "wow, what CAN you eat?". It's so frustrating! I'm not going to quit doing what is best for my child just b/c it's a little harder for me to eat. Seriously? We're talking about 12-18 months of my life! It's just starting to get under my skin and I needed to vent before I say something mean
Oh, and it's taken her over 2 years to finally get it into her head that my son can't have cheese. While I was in the hospital having DD she took my boys out for pizza and cheese laden food nearly every day. So once I got home from the hospital, I had to deal with not only a newborn, but a 2 year old with some severe tummy aches for a couple days while it worked it's way out of his system.
I love my mom, but she's just a little slow to pick up here!
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