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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 7th-13th

from last weeks' thread...

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
It's official: my second trimester is sucking way more than the first one.
Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I'm just like double nauseated. I barely made it through grocery shopping without puking or eating dinner. My abdominal area is extremely uncomfortable.

I'm hoping things are just moving and once the uterus has moved up or something, maybe this won't suck.

Its not horrible - I can't give the impression that it's so bad when others are on medications. But it was supposed to get better, not worse, with the second trimester
Oh no. That stinks! I hope it's just a matter of another week or something and you get the wonderful 2nd trimester relief
The discomfort you're having could be from stretching and growing in there - baby is growing a TON this trimester, like doubling in size each week , so it would make sense that we'll have some stretching to accomodate that.

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
But on a good note, I found the heart beat tonight!!! 145 bpm. It took me a while to get around the placenta but I got it after a couple minutes. So awesome to hear. I can't believe I didn't buy a doppler for DS!
for hb!

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
Luckily he's not volunteer, so he never takes calls at home and I don't have to listen to a radio (thank GOD - my mother does though, haha). It's really only bad when something terrible happens at work and he can't help but carry it home.

It's really hitting DH hard. He's not a Christian and he's finding himself really struggling with some BIG "why" questions right now, so I know that's a contributor to his unrest.
to you and your DH - that would be so tough, to see all these things happening and, really in the end, not be able to stop anything.
FWIW, I am a Christian... and I have LOADS of big why questions. This year has involved a lot of questioning faith and god, for me. It's not just those who aren't Christian who have those feelings and questions

AFM: Got DH's parents in their house!!! Now we just have to actually unpack the boxes and get things settled in We stayed all day and late into the evening last night helping out, and we're going back this afternoon. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and MIL wants to have dinner there, so we just have to get things situated and settled enough for that. I can't wait for a good dinner!

13 weeks today, and Babe is still squirming around in there. I am sure I have felt some kicks, too - a big deal, Elli was never able to kick. They aren't strong, big baby kicks and jabs yet, but more sharp than the squirming, kwim? I usually feel Babe 3 or 4 times a day (like more than one movement, but at a few different times of the day she's active, I mean) It's nearly always the same times, too!
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