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Re: Adjusting the sleep 'schedule'

We schedule our babies so we begin our day at approximately the same time each day and eat and nap at predictable intervals throughout the day. Bedtime is approximately the same time each day also. Yes, even at a few weeks of age. We follow our babies' hunger and sleep cues, and help them order their sleep and hunger metabolisms. I get myself and my babies up at the same time each day. I like 6 or 7am. Nurse, awake, nap. 2.5-3 hours later, Nurse, awake, nap. Repeat all day.
With the schedule you prefer of 830-5 down, and how we routine our babies, it would look like this here...
5 am - nurse, wake, nap
8am - nurse, wake, nap
11am - nurse, wake, nap
2pm - nurse, wake, nap
5pm - nurse, wake, nap
8pm - nurse, wake, bed

I would anticipate your LO waking 2x at night to eat and soon begin waking only once.

For us, the key to helping the day make sense, is getting it started at the same time daily. We wake our babies to help the day make sense for us all, and be sure the awake time is occurring during the day and the sleep time is happening at night. We wake to be sure lots of full feedings and calories are getting in during the day, we nap to be sure we dont end up with overtired babies that don't settle at bedtime.

This is what works beautifully here and for the other moms I work with. GL finding what works for you!
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