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Re: Any other hyperemesis Mommas?

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I have HG, but it's definitely bad. It's rare that I don't throw up daily... several times a day. I am usually able to eat something small and feel a tiny bit better, very temporarily. As far as food for the kids goes, I am SO lucky to have an amazing 11 year old that helps me out TREMENDOUSLY. I also have a ton of fruits and vegetables in easy reach for them, so they can get their own snacks (heck, sometimes they eat veggies for lunch). I also have easily accessible snack foods, which the are allowed to munch on as they please (dried apple slices, popcorn balls, cheese sticks, etc). My oldest two are in school, and my youngest (4 1/2) is pretty easy to please, so I can throw him a banana and wheat crackers, and he's good to go.
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