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Re: How long was the labor with your second lo?

#1 (hospital with epi) was 5hrs with 2 of those hours pushing. (I'm pretty sure they had me pushing too soon)
#2 (hospital with epi) was 4hrs with 20mins of pushing
#3 (hopital no pain meds) was 4hrs with maybe 10mins of pushing
#4 (hospital no pain meds) was 4hrs with 2 or 3 pushes
#5 (birthcenter waterbirth) was 3.5hrs with 1 push (I let me body do all the work this time - I was in the water and didn't even realize he was crowning until I felt an urge to push and put my hand down to feel!)
#6 (homebirth in our bed) was 6.5hrs with 8 mins of pushing - she was my most painful delivery. I could literally feel her the second her head starting coming into the my birth canal and the whole way down. (this is not usual for me)
If we have anymore I am going waterbirth again for sure!!!!!!
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