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Re: What are you waiting on?

I don't know if I really wanna write it all down. I will say that I didn't place the orders all at the same time and I am selling a few things we're not reaching for.

*2 L baby beehinds wool covers off of FSOT
*1 phantom rumparooz upgraded to a hemp insert
*L sbish capri wool cover & hawaiian wool wash from sloomb
*1 XL disna chocolate cover & liquid wool wash just in case my sloomb shipping takes forever
*2 custom longies (these are part of xmas though for DS )
* A pair of longies off of FSOT that were super affordable!
* And then my 4 elemental seconds but my CC still hasn't been charged so I'm not sure if it went through alright or not

Okay holy crap that is 7 pieces of wool. Granted I got pretty good prices but still.

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