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Re: Wake a newborn to feed?

Never needed to wake my DS (he never, ever missed a feeding, and never slept more than 2 hours at a time - but STTN at 5 weeks). He had a rough first week but was back to birth weight and more at 10 days.

My DD was the complete opposite. That baby NEVER woke up. I did everything (my SIL still laughs at walking into my hospital room and finding that I had my Starbucks frap cup against her trying to wake her!). She was slightly jaundice and took her sweet time to get back to birth weight and really start gaining. For the first 2-3 weeks, I set my alarm all night long to make sure I woke her every 2-3 hours.

DS weighed 12lbs at a month (8-9 at birth, 7-6 at his lowest), DD wasn't 12lbs til she was 6 months old (6-11 at birth, 6-3 at her lowest). I'd probably back off a little today if you think she's doing ok and see what her weight is at the DR tomorrow (that's what I did with my DS because he was clearly gaining).
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