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I would be curious to know those that follow the no lie policy [if they are Christian], do they tell them that Christmas is Jesus birthday and do that whole story. Because what is celebrate now is highly inaccurate and that would be lying IMO if one follows that line of thinking. Or do they break it down saying Christ was not born on this day, but it's a day we choose to celebrate. And more than likely it took a couple of years for the wise men to reach the child. And we don't know how many wise men there were...etc, etc.
Regarding this specific question - we try not to lie and are Christian. our children DO know that Christ wasn't really born on that day, the wise men came years later, and we don't know how many there were. They know it's just how we celebrate it. They know Santa isn't real but they still enjoy the idea of him and like to have Santa decorations, etc.
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