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Re: Frustrated with DH

Originally Posted by eco-mum View Post
Haha, I must be the odd one out! I am the lazy one that doesn't want to clean in our house. Sometimes we will just both be lazy all week and I get feed up with the mess and will go on a cleaning kick though. But to be honest as long as there isn't food sitting out and our house isn't completely disgusting I don't see a need to make it spotless. We have a toddler and are expecting in March and our home will always have the lived in look as opposed to the spotless look. And I am perfectly happy with that!
I am lazy too and my house def looks lived in! However, DH is a slob and will drop something near the trash and not pick it up, etc. It drives me nuts bc then it spirals out of control. However, on nights the teens aren't here (cuz then it's their turn), he does the dishes. He also washes all our laundry, towels and cloth diaps (just not the teens clothes).
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