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Re: Is my math wrong, or FuzziBunz math wrong?

Originally Posted by kelly679 View Post
I never understand the 'wear and tear' argument. Do the diapers need time to heal between washings? It seems to me that the diaper has the same lifetime either way. Say its 100 washings, wouldn't the savings work out to be the same if your stash is small?
(i'm tired so not making sense)
Well if you had a very small stash and therefore used each diaper in it 4+ times per week instead of a medium/large stash where you used each diaper 1-2 times per week your elastic/ PUL/ and fabrics would wear down in double the time. By the time you are done using a small stash it wouldn't be worth much (if anything- I know if we were using 10 diapers for 2 years- they would be garbage at the end if they even functionally made it that far- even prefolds would have holes) whereas if you had a medium stash, the diapers would likely be GUC or better by the time you are done using them, and will retain some of their resale value.
I guess I look at it also from the view of convenience as well- I don't want to wash diapers daily (with multiple cycles) or even every other day.
I even do all our family's laundry in one day of the week.
The same argument stands for say a pair of jeans- if you had 2 pairs of jeans that you washed 3/4 times per week versus say 6 pairs of jeans that you washed once per week the 2 pairs would show wash wear and break down faster. Not to mention that diapers are washed much more harshly (with multiple rinse cycles and at higher water temperatures) than our regular laundry.
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