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Re: Is my math wrong, or FuzziBunz math wrong?

Originally Posted by March View Post
I have friends who CD full-time with 7-10 daytime diapers and 2 overnight. They wash every morning and are perfectly happy with it. Their wash routine takes almost no time at all because their diapers don't sit in the pail very long. It's totally possible and a very popular approach to take outside of "cloth diaper culture" cloth diapering.
yes but this says washing every 2 days and its considering one wipe per change and the same number of diapers for a NB as a almost PT toddler. I still don't get why she assumes more diaper changes a day with a disposable than with cloth..
The fuzzi bunz store suggests 15-18 diapers and more depending on how often you want to wash.
Frankly I did the wash every day rountinue it is exhausting some love it don't get me wrong but for me it meant constantly getting behind on everything else. and 10 diapers would be 1/2 a day of diapering a newborn.
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